Best dog peanut butter treats by Dreambone

Love peanut butter? Love your dog? New DreamBone peanut butter dog treats let your canine companion join in on the fun. Our Peanut Butter Stuffed Twists blend the taste of peanut butter into a nutritious, dog-friendly treat that will make your doggy companion go nuts.

Delightfully delicious and packed with wholesome ingredients, our peanut butter dog treats are the perfect way to indulge your furry friend without undermining their health.

As a loving dog owner, you are always looking for the safest and healthiest form of nutrition for your pet. Here at DreamBone we think healthy benefits and a delicious taste are equally important meaning your pet is getting everything they want and need from our dog treats. Unlike many of the other pet foods available, our peanut butter dog treats do not come with high levels of chemicals, salt, sugar or toxins. We made sure the DreamBone range is jam packed with vitamins, antioxidants and lots of other healthy nutrients to nourish your pet.

Totally rawhide free, our DreamBone dog treats provide all the benefits of a rawhide chew minus the rawhide. Our yummy bones and Stuffed Twists are easy to digest, aid in dental hygiene, low in fat and are wheat gluten-free. Peanuts contain vitamin E, which is essential for proper immune system function. In addition, they also provide vitamin B for a healthy skin and shiny coat. The B vitamins incorporate biotin, niacin, and folate.

By making the whole range free of wheat-gluten, we’ve made our delicious treats suitable for all dogs. This means dogs with heart problems or who are getting on a bit can all join in on the fun. The antioxidants we have stuffed our twists with are particularly useful to canines in these two categories. Together with resveratrol, antioxidants have the capacity to help your pet live a longer, healthier and happier life. Our dog treats are also rich in niacin, which is useful for counteracting cognitive deterioration. For this reason, peanuts can provide protection against canine cognitive dysfunction (also known as doggie Alzheimer’s). Not bad, eh?

Tips on Giving Your Dog the Best Dog Treats

When offered as part of a proper feeding routine, treats provide a valuable way of strengthening the bond between owner and pet. Up to a couple of the right sized treats per day are a suitable amount for your dog. Always ensure you give your dog the right sized chew for them to enjoy. If you’re not sure what right for them, please see the feeding guidelines we’ve put on our packs. Dog treats with peanut butter should be accompanied by adequate amounts of water. It is vital to make sure that any peanut butter dog treats do not contain sugar or salt. Because our dog treats are so delicious it can be hard to enjoy them at a steady pace. However, any treat that is swallowed without chewing can be harmful or even fatal to your pet. Always supervise your pet during chewing activity to avoid any unwanted side effects of rapid consumption.

Peanut butter can be a useful tool when struggling to get your pet to take his medication. Simply covering the pill with some delicious butter as a treat will solve the problem. Although some dogs are allergic to peanuts or peanut flavour, the majority experience no adverse effects. Veterinarians recommend giving the animal minimal quantities when feeding peanuts. This is aimed at checking for adverse reactions. Meanwhile, experts advise dog owners to avoid feeding the treats to dogs that are prone to oxalate bladder stones. Peanuts come with a significant amount of oxalates.

When it comes to treating your dog, our DreamBone range can be presented in a variety of new and exciting ways. Stuffing them in toys is a fun way of keeping your pet busy and his brain active.

According to an article published on the WebMD website, dog treats should not exceed 10 percent of your pet’s calories. Veterinarians can make a precise recommendation as regards the number of treats you feed the animal per day. The ideal amount of treats is based on a number of factors, including level of activity, weight, age and the type of treats.

Using Treats to Reinforce a Calm, Obedient State.

Doggie experts do not recommend using treats to reward an excited, over-stimulated state. Instead, you should let your dog get a whiff of the treat them remove it until they return to a calm state. In most cases, a dog’s attitude will change as they try to figure out the best way to obtain their treat. The best time to reward a dog is when they quietly focus on the object they want. The moment they lapse into quiet anticipation is the optimum time to offer their treat.

One of the best times to offer dog treats is in between meals – but not while your pet is still full. Reserving the most delicious treats for last is a particularly useful trick for training. By saving the best til last, you can keep your dog interested for longer.

Let your dog’s preferences guide what the ideal treat for them is. A dog’s palate is very different from a human’s. For this reason, dog owners should avoid selecting treats based on human food choices. DreamBone has some recognisable flavours, such as peanut butter and sweet potato, whilst not being overpowering for your pet. Independent studies show that DreamBone chews are highly digestible and are preferred by 9 out of 10 dogs over the leading rawhide chews. And because DreamBone chews are made with the highest-quality ingredients and produced according to strict FDA guidelines, you can feel good about giving them to your best furry friend

Dog treats come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including semi moist sticks, rawhide chew and dry, crunchy biscuits. Many dog trainers prefer semi moist variants because they are proven to be more tempting and ideal for training purposes. They can be broken into pieces easily and the pet will devour them fairly quickly. This allows the dog to become attentive sooner for the training session to proceed.

Experienced trainers recommend grading dog treats based on their appeal to the animal. The most favoured delicacies should not be used too frequently. Doing so ensures that the dog does not lose interest in the treat. Peanut butter dog treats variants are a good example of the most delectable treats that your pet can receive in moderation.

The least favoured options can still motivate the dog but may not generate much excitement. As such, pet parents can present the animal’s favourites when working in an environment with many distractions. Alternatively, the dog will deserve the top prize after completing a difficult task or has performed beyond expectations. The lower-ranked treats are well suited to simple exercises the animal has been doing for quite some time.

Apart from training purposes, our DreamBone dog treats offer a great distraction for active pets with a habit of chewing household items. Our peanut butter dog treats provide a great diversionary tactic when your favourite shoes lie in a dog’s path of destruction. Treats provide a great mental stimulation and source of entertainment during dull moments.

What to Avoid

The most ideal dog treats are ones that are easy to chew and swallow. With a rawhide free exterior made of fresh chicken and vegetables, DreamBone dog treats are designed to soften over time providing a longer lasting treat that can be offered at intervals.

When it comes to ingredients, products with artificial preservatives, sweeteners and colourants are not recommended. Some of the artificial preservatives that can be found in some dog treats include ethoxyquin, sodium nitrate and potassium sorbate. Meanwhile, some treats contain artificial colourants designed to appeal to the dog owners. Although they may look nice, pets derive no nutritional benefits from the colour of their dog treat.

Any treat containing chemical humectants like propylene glycol(the ingredient is used to keep treats chewy and moist) are no good for dogs. In addition, manufacturers add propylene glycol with the aim to prevent discolouration in preserved meats. However, food-sourced humectants are more organic. These include molasses and vegetable glycerin.

Why Choose Healthier Dog Treats

DreamBone peanut butter dog treats provide a safe way to meet your dog’s nutritional needs. Our treats are made of only high-quality ingredients and are specially prepared in a way that makes them extra delicious and palatable to dogs. They provide a wide variety of nutritional and health benefits, including a reduction of skin ailments and allergies.

The wholesome ingredients we’ve selected are free of the toxic pesticides that are known to cause problematic skin issues in pets. For this reason, our dog treats provide an ideal solution to combat nagging skin problems. DreamBone dog treats play a key role in keeping dogs healthy by preventing digestive problems, obesity and a wide array of skin ailments.

Peanut butter dog treats are also a good source of protein, which helps combat infection by boosting the immune system. Protein reduces digestive problems leaving your pet bouncing from all the benefits of healthy and regular bowel movements.

The choice of treats determines how you dog looks, feels and acts. Having the right amount of treats will leave your pet feeling satisfied and happy. A combination of energy to play, strong immune system and healthy weight contributes to maximum life expectancy as well as quality of life.

Targeting Specific Nutritional Needs

Individual dogs can have specific nutritional needs based on a wide array of factors like weight and their overall health. Older dogs that are slowing down or have trouble moving around require treats that provide improved joint support. Dogs require additional ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin that aid joint care. Vitamin E is effective when it comes to reducing the inflammation that is associated with joint pain. This organic compound is a vital nutrient and antioxidant found in peanut butter treats for canines.

For overweight pets, it is important to opt for treats that are low in calories and fat. Their food should be high in fibre and contain L-carnitine, a highly effective component for assisting weight loss in dogs.

Pets with dry, flaky skin can derive further health benefits from omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are also useful for animals with with rough, brittle hair. The nutrients are both derived from natural sources like fish oil and flaxseed. They combine well with vitamins to nourish the skin and hair.

Tartar build-up in the mouth has the capacity to trigger severe halitosis. By opting for treats that are designed to break down tartar and plaque dog owners can reduce the risks of this. Thanks to the combination of textures and special ingredients in the DreamBone range, your dog can have all the benefits of a rawhide free chew as well as the delicious taste of peanut butter. As a result, the amount of active bacteria in the dog’s mouth is drastically reduced. In turn, the offensive odour problem is alleviated. Our treats can help reduce the number of trips to the veterinarian for professional dental cleaning.

Providing dogs with additional prebiotics and probiotics as well as fibre helps deal with digestive problems, such as colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. Treats with chicory, yoghurt, beet pulp, Brewer’s yeast and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are a good choice that is highly recommended by veterinarians. Dog treats with chamomile and lavender are well suited to pets with behavioural issues.

To avoid over feeding an animal, it is vital to read the instructions on the product label. The feeding guidelines we’ve put on our packs shows the maximum number of DreamBone products you should give your dog per day.
Selecting the right treats for your dog

Some treats that dogs prefer may be high in sugars and fats. This can cause weight gain over time. It comes as no surprise that a large percentage of pets in the United Kingdom are overweight. This triggers a wide variety of health issues that have an adverse effect on life expectancy and quality of life.

It has been proven that a dog weighing 9.07kg can burn up to 700 calories each day. A fairly large non-organic dog treat, such as some biscuits, can contain 100 calories each. As result, eating two or three sugary or fatty treats on a regular basis can affect your dog’s weight and eventually their health.

Opting for our wholesome DreamBone dog treats is a great way of avoiding overindulgence. We’ve made sure our dog treats are free from unwanted fats and sugars. The low calorie DreamBone range is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The Downside of Giving Your Dog Table Scraps

Most dog owners cannot resist giving in to persistent begging from under the table during dinner. Pleading brown eyes and plaintive whining usually do the trick for canines when they are after your table scraps. However, giving pets scraps creates a constant problem.

Food from the dinner table is typically high in sugar and fats. These types of treats have the capacity to upset the dog’s digestion system in addition to ruining its appetite for healthy food. Additionally, the animal can suffer from vomiting, pancreatitis and diarrhoea.

Table scraps can also contribute to obesity, hence the need to keep the pet out of the kitchen and dining room. Once your dog has developed a taste for leftovers, they will continue to demand more. Lazy dogs that are less active get affected by the unhealthy diet more than their more active counterparts.

Some of the scraps are known to be highly toxic to animals. Onions are a good example of such foods. For this reason, giving the dog any table scraps with can compromise its health. Instead, it is best to give pets wholesome dog treats to ensure a nutritionally balanced diet.

Monitoring your pet’s eating habits and controlling how much food he eats is vital to ensure the maintenance of their overall health. In addition, dogs must be taken on regular walks to prevent health problems such as obesity. A combination of exercise and controlled calorie intake is a practical way to achieve a better quality of life and longer lifespan. Doing so also makes it easier to save money on veterinary expenses.

The number of calories consumed from under the dinner table are the main source of health problems like obesity. Vets advise dog owners to avoid over-feeding animals regardless of age and type of food. Cooked chicken bones can be detrimental to the hounds while raw bones are generally safe. Consuming large amounts of sodium from processed foods is not recommended.

DreamBone offers healthy dog treat products designed to promote long and healthy lives. Dog owners can choose the ideal treat based on their veterinarian’s recommendations.