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As a dog owner, you only want the best for your pet, whether it’s an experienced vet to care for their health or the most nutritious dog food available. When it comes to tasty dog treats, the DreamBone team have created a treat that is both delicious and nutritious. Developed to meet the highest standards, DreamBone combines nutritious ingredients and unusual flavours like peanut butter and sweet potato. Our range is a great alternative to rawhide without the risk of choking, digestive issues or any toxic ingredients – the perfect option for a happy tummy. Read on to learn more about keeping your dog’s tail wagging with DreamBone.

What is Rawhide?

Lots of dog treats contain rawhide as it’s a popular option for chewing. Made from the inner layer of cow and horse hides, rawhide is extremely tough and doesn’t wear out quickly. Large sections are cleaned and cut into pieces then pressed into chewable treats that dogs can play with for hours. Flavour is normally added to make them enticing including chicken, liver or beef.

Yet, the dangers rawhide poses to dogs are not widely known and can outweigh the benefits of chewing. DreamBone treats have been designed to be highly chewable without the risks associated with rawhide.

The Risks of Rawhide

1. Contamination

Studies have found that rawhide dog treats can contain dangerous toxic chemicals that are added during the manufacturing process. Although only present in low amounts, traces can remain on the rawhide and present a risk to dogs. As with any type of food, rawhide treats also pose the possibility of giving your pet E. coli or Salmonella from chewing, as well as transferring bacteria to owners when they handle any infected treats. It is important for dog owners to find dog treats that don’t present any unnecessary danger to dogs or their owners.

Trusted by owners and loved by pets, the Webbox team only produces pet food products that are excellent value, full of taste and totally safe.

2. Choking

While rawhide comes from a natural source and is marked as edible, it is still quite a hard material that does not easily break down. Dogs may accidentally swallow before they have had the chance to chew thoroughly and digest easily. As a consequence of under-chewing, the rawhide has not softened sufficiently and the chunks are larger than a dog’s digestive tract can handle. There are many cases wherein the chunks have become lodged in the esophagus making it hard for them to breathe. It can also be painful if the piece has any sharp edges. Often vets are able to remove them through the throat but sometimes surgical intervention becomes necessary.

3. Digestive Issues

Rawhide can trigger unwanted reactions in dogs with sensitive tummies. Although they might love the flavour and chewing on their rawhide bones all day, their stomachs can reject the substance leaving them feeling ill and unhappy. Symptoms like diarrhoea can occur which is never pleasant for them, or you! They will be susceptible to dehydration and feel weak until they have fully recovered. At the first sign of a problem, call a veterinarian.

How Dog Owners Can Keep Their Canine Companions Healthy and Happy

Since chews are really important for keeping your dog healthy and happy, they should not be completely avoided despite the risks mentioned above. By choosing safe dog treats for their pets, owners can help protect their furry friends from any unwanted dangerous side effects. The clever people behind DreamBone have created a healthy dog treat that swaps rawhide for nutritious ingredients such as vegetables, wholesome grains and fresh chicken. DreamBone is the next generation dog treat that has all the benefits of a rawhide chew – without the rawhide. Our highly digestible treat gives your pet a delicious low fat treat that also promotes dental hygiene.

1. Control the Portions

Giving your dog a chew treat is a great way to get your dog’s tail wagging and providing a fun distraction for hours on end – keeping your shoes safe from unwanted chewing! With all this enjoyment, it can be tempting to treat your dog often. After all, we all want our pets to be the happiest they can be. Yet, problems start to happen when treating becomes excessive. Their bodies become overwhelmed trying to adapt as the digestive system is flooded with a foreign substance. Treats are best given in small and manageable portions and chewing should always be under supervision. Fresh drinking water should be provided at all times. By restricting their access to treats, owners can ensure their dogs don’t lose interest and start seeking out shoes!

2. Isolate for Relaxation

One reason dogs swallow large chunks is because they feel threatened by the by the presence of other dogs in their vicinity. They might think that their companions are after their tasty treat so they hurry up and ingest prematurely. By isolating dogs, owners can help their pets to feel relaxed. Dogs should be placed in a quiet area where they can feel safe. They will take things more slowly in this kind of environment. This is crucial for dogs that exhibit a high degree of territoriality as they can be especially protective of their food.

3. Vary the Treats

When offering your pet a new type of treat for the first time, make sure you stick around to see how well it’s received, if they are enjoying or ignoring their new treats. Choking is always a hazard with chew treats. Make sure you remove chews when they become small enough to swallow. Avoid potentially toxic rawhides and switch to safer alternatives like DreamBone which can be easily digested once inside their bodies. Be vigilant when introducing a new toy and other chewable objects into the mix. If you have any questions, request guidance from your vet.

The Benefits of DreamBone Chews

1. Anxiety Relief

Dogs can be very sensitive to their environment. They are almost always on alert and the faintest sound or strange smell can trigger their anxiety. This is partly why they make excellent security and detect intruders from afar. However, this sensitivity can be hard for them to handle. They pace around non stop and cry or bark. When owners leave, they can also experience separation anxiety and demonstrate destructive behaviours. Chews provide them with an object on which to focus their stress. Chewing lets them channel their pent up energy until they calm down on their own. Furthermore, chewing releases chemicals in the brain that increases happiness and relaxation levels.

2. Teeth Cleaning

Chews often contain dental additives that are good for dog’s teeth. As pets gnaw the bone, their teeth come into contact with these specially formulated additives that prevent common problems like plaque and tartar from occurring. These treats can also help in keeping dog’s breath smelling fresh. Owners will love the difference when they are welcomed home after a long day at work. The dogs, on the other hand, will benefit from the reduced risk of tooth decay and gum problems, an unwanted and painful side effects.

3. Jaw Strengthening

As they chew the treats dogs are able to exercise their facial muscles. This acts to strengthen the jaw bone as well as the attached muscles making it easier to tackle food of different textures and consistency. Chewing is a kind of exercise that is beneficial for dogs of every age. Owners should take extra care and attention around puppies. Younger dogs are yet to mature and should be given treats that are appropriate for their size. Our products have been specially designed and carefully created to suit many sizes, weights and breeds of dog – from the specific ingredients we use to our wide range of flavours. From our mini bones to Stuffed Twists, we have a healthy dog treat for pint sized to supersized pooches.

Additional Advantages of DreamBone

Aside from the general benefits stated above, DreamBone has a number of other features that make it a next-generation dog chew and one of the best healthy treats available. We’re confident responsible dog owners looking for a premium product will not be disappointed with all the advantages of our rawhide free chew. It’s not often that you can find healthy dog treats that actually taste great. Low in fat and packed with flavour, your dog will love it and so will you.

1. Low Fat Dog Chews

Treats are notorious for their less than ideal nutritional content. Regular dog food is specially formulated to provide everything our pet’s need. Such foods can be given in larger amounts and should constitute the biggest proportion of a healthy dog’s daily diet. When it comes to treats, experts warn against overfeeding. Dog treats are often High in fat and high in sugar content. Both of these components can be detrimental to health if taken to extremes.

Whilst developing DreamBone, we paid particular attention to limiting detrimental ingredients and optimising health benefits. As a result, DreamBone are low calorie dog treats which makes them suitable for most dogs, even for frequent consumption.

2. Wheat gluten-free Treat

As well as being free of rawhide, DreamBone are free of wheat-gluten making them a top choice for healthy dog treats. Just like gluten intolerant humans, dogs can also experience sensitivity to gluten from wheat protein. Dogs that are gluten-intolerant tend to develop inflammation in their small intestines.Because of this, they frequently exhibit digestive problems like chronic diarrhoea, weight loss, poor coat condition, and low energy. It should be noted that most dogs are able to process gluten without any problems but the few that can’t require a special diet. By making DreamBone a wheat-gluten free treat, we have ensured our delicious tasting dog treats can be enjoyed by all.

3. Highly Digestible

One of the biggest problems with rawhide is that it is mostly indigestible. It just sits around in the stomach until the dog’s body is ready to eject it. In the meantime, it can cause a lot of discomfort especially if it is swallowed in sizeable pieces. DreamBone, on the other hand, is highly digestible. The stomach will be able to break it down and extract its nutrients. This drastically lessens potential issues regarding stomach distress and other types of digestive tract irritation. Owners can provide this treat with confidence they are giving their pets the safest option.

4. Tasty

Dog treats are a intended as a welcome break from their daily diet. With unusual flavours like peanut butter and sweet potato, DreamBone offers dogs with a deliciously different taste. We have designed our bones and twists to have a chewy vegetable-based exterior and fresh chicken interior. Just like the tempting smell of a roast dinner, dogs sensitive noses will sniff out the fresh meat we have used in our ingredients. In fact, tests conducted during product development showed that 9 out of 10 dogs preferred DreamBone over other products, including some of the leading rawhide treats on the market. DreamBone has extra health benefits without sacrificing taste and flavour.


Not all dogs are the same. There are breeds that are very small and those that are extremely large, and all sizes in between! With dogs coming in all different shapes and sizes, we recognise dogs have different needs when it comes to chews. This is why DreamBone comes in multiple sizes including mini, small and medium bones.Giving size-appropriate chews prevents choking while ensuring optimum satisfaction among pets. You can find what size DreamBone is best for you by checking the feeding guidelines that are on every DreamBone pack.


As well as the classic Chicken and Beef flavour DreamBone treats, there are two new flavours to choose from – Beef with Sweet Potato and Chicken with Peanut Butter Stuffed Twists. They work well as rewards during training and for general jaw strengthening. Dogs love them and will start wagging their tails in anticipation once they smell the fresh meat we have used. Although the products provide extra tooth protection for the pets, those that have tartar and plaque build-up should have their teeth cleaned by a vet then have these treats for maintenance.

Free Samples

If you are curious about the benefits of DreamBone, then go ahead and give them a try. Before introducing them to dog owners, we tested our healthy dog treats extensively to make sure we were offering the best product possible. The initial launch was marked by a giveaway of free samples. Indeed, it was so successful that 15,000 packs were snaffled in a matter of 48 hours. You should be able to find lots of online reviews from the lucky individuals. They will satisfy your curiosity and provide answers to your nagging questions. You could also purchase some from a local shop to try it out on your pets. DreamBone are stocked in all the top supermarkets as well as online.

Where to Find DreamBone

Webbox has partnered with several of the leading retailers to make the product line accessible to all residents of the UK. You can go to their online and physical stores to purchase however much you want. These include names like Amazon, ASDA, Costco Wholesale, Morrisons, Ocado and Tesco. Smaller stores may carry them as well so be sure to check with your local shops. If you would like to be updated with any product developments, then be sure to like the DreamBone Facebook page and follow the adventures of Alfie on his Twitter account.

About Webbox

Webbox is a well-known pet brand in the United Kingdom. The company traces its roots to the late 80s when the founders saw the need for better pet nutrition products in the market. One of the company’s first breakthroughs came with the Webbox Chub Rolls which were sold in some of the biggest supermarkets in the early 90s for just 39p for every 800-gram package. The distribution arm was dropped to shift focus on product development. An incredible diversity of dog and cat food flowed out of the labs and into the stores. Several awards were picked up by many of these products as the brand began to establish itself as a solid player in the industry.


DreamBone is among the newest products by Webbox and the response has been phenomenal. People appreciate the innovative thinking that went behind its creation, allowing them to give their furry companions a safe, healthy and tasty alternative to old rawhide treats. By completely side-stepping this problematic ingredient, the company was able to mitigate the risks and change the way that chews were perceived. This revolutionary leap has been cheered on by pet owners all over the country. DreamBone is now one of the most popular products in the Webbox line-up. These are the best bones for dogs to chew on. Get them now and see the difference in your furry friend.