Sweet potato dog treats by Dreambone

Every dog owner knows how important a dog treat is for the health and happiness of their pet. In fact, one study has shown that dog treats are almost as important as rubbing a dog’s tummy. Giving their pets dog treats that don’t contain any dangerous ingredients is a priority for many owners. Yet, many of the dog treats found in shops pose potential health problems. That’s why the clever DreamBone team have created their sweet potato stuffed dog treats. The Stuffed Twists are healthier pet treats that not are not only delicious but also nutritious.

A Closer Look at Sweet Potato Dog Treats

The healthy and wholesome ingredients inside DreamBone sweet potato dog treats means dog owners can let go of any potentially problematic alternatives. DreamBone sweet potato dog treats are supplied by Pets Choice. A member of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA), Pets Choice is a leading pet food manufacturer based in Lancashire. Pets Choice are a respectable distributor in the UK. By choosing DreamBone, you can be confident your dog is in safe hands.

DreamBone is stocked by the top 5 supermarkets as well as some of the most popular online retailers. This includes ASDA, Morrisons, Tesco, Ocado and Amazon just to name a few.

Unlike many of the alternative dog chews that are available, DreamBone sweet potato dog treats are not rawhide treats. Being completely free of rawhide, DreamBones provide dog owners and dogs with a safe and healthy dog treat. Although a little known fact, regular rawhide treats can be dangerous to dogs. Not only have they been found to be a choking hazard, they also contain toxic ingredients. You can find out more information about the toxic ingredients in regular rawhide treats in the Read Only section. Completely rawhide free, DreamBone-chewers do not have to worry about the problems that are associated with rawhide.

Another benefit of DreamBone is the fact that the whole range is wheat gluten-free. Whilst many leading dog treat companies are confident dogs can easily digest wheat gluten, this is not the case. In fact, it is hard for many dogs to digest gluten, just as it is hard for their human companions. The enzymes within dogs’ stomachs have a hard time breaking the ingredient down. Wheat gluten can be too much for a dog’s system to cope with and the stomach is unable to absorb the vitamins or minerals in the treat. It also does not help the digestive tract. It is not uncommon for a furry friend to endure constipation or hard stools due to this ingredient being in most dog treats.

Totally free of this potentially problematic ingredient, DreamBone’s sweet potato dog treats are a safe treat for your pets. With a vegetable based exterior, DreamBone dog treats are also naturally low in fat. Whilst fat is not exactly bad for a dog, excess fat is detrimental to their health. More on the problems of too much fat can be found after the Read Only section.

Rawhide-free and wheat-gluten free, DreamBone treats are made of fresh chicken along with some wholesome gluten-free grains. Our sweet potato Stuffed Twists are highly digestible with a vegetable outside and In short, DreamBone sweet potato Stuffed Twists are made of ingredients that a dog naturally eats and can enjoy with no worries.

Made with fresh beef, stuffed with sweet potato, high in fibre, vitamins minerals and antioxidants, DreamBone are the next generation dog chew. All the benefits of a rawhide chew – without the rawhide!

The clever brains behind DreamBone’s sweet potato stuffed dog treats have been busy creating a new type of treat – especially for savvy dog owners appreciate the value of safe and wholesome treats. Dog owners can trust the team behind DreamBone because, just like you, we are dog lovers, too.

One of the main issues the DreamBone team wanted to tackle was the popularity of rawhide. A potentially dangerous material that is far too common in dog treats.

What is Rawhide?

Most pet owners believe rawhide consists of mostly dehydrated and digestible meat. However, contrary to popular belief, rawhide is a leather-based product. Not something you want your dogs chewing on!

A cause of concern for responsible dog owners is the treatment process rawhide treats undergo before they are sold. The hide is processed in a chemical bath to preserve it and prevent it from spoiling before the process is finished.

The hides are soaked and treated with an ash-lye or a sodium sulphide liming solution. Although both of these are toxic to dogs, they are used on rawhide to remove any remnants of hair or fat. The hide is then retreated with another set of chemicals that help puff up the material and make it a lot easier to mold into a dog’s chewing treat.

Furthermore, the hide needs to be whitened and cleaned to remove any bad odours. Most companies use hydrogen peroxide and bleach to do this. These ingredients are definitely not the kind of ingredients any caring dog owner wants their pet to digest, which is definitely what the team behind DreamBone’s dog treats wanted to exclude.

Regular rawhide also contains artificial dyes and flavours, which is something that the DreamBone’s dog treat team did not want either. The leather-product does not look appetising for you pet until it is coated with some of these ingredients and a solution that is titanium oxide-based. There is some evidence that these types of ingredients could be detrimental to a dog’s health – or any living thing for that matter. A further point of concern for dog owners is the fact that some of the artificial dyes and preservatives used in the production of rawhide chews are carcinogens. Using low volumes of these ingredients allows companies to say they aren’t present in the treat, allowing them to get away with putting your furry friend at risk.

Adding to the above risks, rawhide treats are potential choking hazards.

As dog lovers the DreamBone team wanted to make their new dog treats as safe as possible by using digestible ingredients 100% free of any harmful toxins.

Why is a Low-Fat Dog Treat Important?

Let’s get one thing straight, saturated fats are not bad for dogs. In fact, dogs need animal fat to function correctly and keep their cell formation healthy. The right type of fat – and the right amount! – keeps your dog happy and their tails wagging. This is mostly due to the fact that animal fat provides the building blocks for all the essential amino acids that a dog needs in his daily diet.

As most dog foods contain animal fat, owners do not need to spoil their pet by adding excessive additional fat to their daily diet. As a healthy complimentary food, DreamBone dog treats have been carefully designed to be low in fat but high in taste. There are real dangers in feeding your dog too much animal fat. Weight issues are a worrying trend that affects many of today’s dogs.

In particular, dogs with pancreatitis or those in danger of pancreatitis should not have too much fat because the dog no longer has the ability to process and absorb good fat.

Dogs should also not consume an excess amount of fat because it can lead to other issues that human beings also suffer from. Diabetes and heart problems, for example, are due to fat and plaque building up in a dog’s bloodstream. These health problems show that treating your dog too much can have serious side effects.

With the health of the nation’s dogs at risk from too much fat, the DreamBone team have designed a dog treat that’s low in fat for dogs and free of worry for their owners.

The Gluten Problem is Solved

In addition to the digestion problems experienced by many dogs, there were other factors that led the DreamBone team to create a wheat-gluten and rawhide free healthy dog treat.

Some dog owners believe dogs cannot digest gluten because of a gut imbalance caused by processed dog food. Once the gut is healed, gluten can slowly be re-introduced to a dog’s diet. However, with many of the dog treats on the market containing gluten, controlling a dog’s gluten intake can be a difficult task for owners.

The pancreatic enzymes in dogs’ intestines were simply not made to handle excessive gluten and some can develop a long-standing intolerance to it. By opting for a wheat-gluten free dog treat, the DreamBone team have ensured they aren’t contributing to the discomforts experienced by gluten intolerant dogs.

Dogs that are given too much gluten could end up developing small intestinal inflammatory disease. Some dogs may begin to lose the lustre in their coat as they’re not digesting their food properly, a condition that could worsen and lead to excessive shedding. In addition, your dog may start to have persistent diarrhea or experience drastic weight loss. Not pleasant or safe!

The symptoms experienced by dogs with gluten sensitivities are caused by the immune system beginning to attack the dog. This strange sounding effect happens when the immune system detects a whiff of gluten and reacts against the gastrointestinal tract. The reaction of the immune system against the gluten simultaneously harms the lining of the small intestine. This part of the gut is made from villi, little fur-like absorbers essential for nutrient and mineral absorption. These little guys are damaged when an attacked by an immune system system defending against gluten. This chain of events causes an otherwise well-fed and healthy dog to become malnourished, underweight and unhappy.

Making DreamBone dog treats free of wheat-gluten was a precautionary decision by the team. By making DreamBone wheat-gluten free, the team ensured all dogs can enjoy a healthy and fun treat, even those with wheat gluten issues!

The Vegetable Advantage

It’s a little known fact amongst dog owners, but vegetables are actually quite healthy for dogs. Not only do they help the body digest food, they also give your dog a healthy dose of fibre, helping the body get rid of waste. Waste disposal is a very important function for a canine’s body. Problems with waste disposal could lead to intestinal tract disease and waste that is not properly eliminated gets stuck in the digestive tract. Trapped waste may begin to rot inside their body, rather than outside.

Another important thing vegetables help with is the absorption of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Antioxidants are vital to your doggy’s health because they protect cell structure. The reason this is important is because free radicals roam around in your dog’s body. Free radicals are incredibly detrimental in many ways. For example, free radicals that get near the dog’s eyes could damage some of the eye cells. This could lead to premature eye issues, such as macular degeneration, as well as other issues.

Free radicals that get near a dog’s skin can lead to cell damage and, consequently, issues such as premature ageing and excessive shedding. Free radical damage could even weaken a dog’s skin, making your dog susceptible to rashes or flea infestations, just to name a few things.

Making sure that the outer layer of this sweet potato-infused dog treat was entirely vegetable based was a clever idea by the DreamBone team infusing the treat with free radical preventing antioxidants.

The Dental Advantage

Before becoming man’s best friend, nature had its own way of ensuring dogs were able to maintain their oral health. Dogs naturally took care of their oral health with their diet. Leafy foods, the animal’s hide, and even some of the fruit that dogs use also help them clean their teeth. For example, the hide was full of hairs that helped remove food that might have been stuck between the teeth. The same thing goes with some of the fruit and vegetables that dogs used to eat. The excessive chewing needed to properly eat meat helped dogs to strengthen their gums and exercised their jaw bones. With humans to look after them and modern diets, having a good chewing toy is incredibly important for doggy dental health. Your dog is not out in the wild chewing tough foods any more, so requires a good, digestible chewing substitute.

Our DreamBone sweet potato stuffed dog treat was designed so dogs can have fun chomping on wholesome vegetable fibres. These fibres act as floss-like structures that help to remove any food that might be stuck in between your dog’s teeth, making DreamBone treat dental friendly.

Helping a Dog De-Stress

For both humans and dogs, chewing provides a form of relaxation. Chewing is something that dogs do naturally to calm down. Yet, in the absence of doggy chewing gum, shoes and furniture often become damaged when owners walk out the door and dogs may start to experience separation anxiety.

Providing dogs with alternative objects to chew protects valuable items from doggy destruction. Making sure that a dog has a good chewing toy induces relaxation, along with other benefits. When a dog feels relaxed, their brain releases neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals help regulate functions throughout the body. Serotonin, for example, helps a dog’s mood. This means that your dog will be a happy and healthy family member. A dog’s energy is also regulated by some of these chemicals, just in case your dog is dealing with low-energy issues. Dog’s that sleep too much or too little may also benefit from a healthy supply of these chemicals.

Dog owners want to make good choices for their furry four-legged friends at every turn. Dog wellbeing was the priority for the DreamBone team. Delicious tasting and with all these health benefits, DreamBone are the healthy dog treat your dog will thank you for.