No rawhide dog treat by Dreambone

It is a simple fact that dogs love to chew, and they will do so at almost every chance they get. Sometimes this pursuit leads to unfortunate damage around the house. By redirecting a pet’s attention into object like chew toys, responsible pet owners can keep pets happy and homes safe. None are more popular than rawhide dog chews which are marketed as an all-natural treat. Pets tend to gravitate to this section at the pet stores, especially when they smell the infused meat flavours. On the other hand, they also carry a number of risks that cannot be ignored. It is for this reason that we created DreamBone.

DreamBone is a rawhide dog treat without the rawhide. This puts it head-and-shoulders above everything on the market today. By eliminating this hazardous ingredient, Webbox has made a product that is safe for pets to use. Owners can offer our chews as part of a healthy diet without any worries. In fact, the DreamBone range even has a number of added benefits making them an all round beneficial option. These benefits include a low fat content, high  digestibility, sumptuous flavours, and various sizes to suit every dog. If you are looking for a tasty yet healthy treat, then look no further than DreamBone dog chews.

Rawhide and Why an Alternative is Needed

Your dog’s need to chew has to be satisfied. In some ways, this can be traced to their anxiety. They need to be doing something constantly as it helps them relax. Chew toys help them to focus their energy in a manner that is not destructive. Rawhide emerged as the material of choice because it was both tough yet chewable. It is also naturally sourced from cow hide so it is easy to acquire and fairly safe, or so people thought. A lot of assumptions have been challenged over the years, leading many to try to find a better alternative.

The Webbox team designed the DreamBone range to prevent the following problems associated with rawhide:

  1. Choking

Rawhide is a perennial choking hazard. Dogs not only love to chew on them, they sometimes swallow these in bits or even whole. There have been many instances of pets rushed to the vet because of this. The piece can block air channels making it hard for them to breathe. It will also be difficult to swallow anything if it gets lodged anywhere along the digestive tract. If the blockage occurs in the throat area, then it may be possible for the vet to get it out right away. If it is deeper inside the body, then the usual methods might not work and surgery would have to be performed.

As rawhide free dog chews, the risk of choking is much smaller with DreamBone. A mostly indigestible product, large pieces of rawhide can remain in a dog’s body unless people intervene. Made from fresh chicken and vegetables, the DreamBone range offers highly digestible treats for your dog.

They can also be found in different sizes so dogs that tend to swallow their chews can be given smaller pieces. With our mini bones, DreamBone offer a great option for smaller dogs.

  1. Diarrhoea

Even when rawhide treats are not swallowed in large chunks, they can still cause headaches for owners and stomach aches for dogs. This is because it contains elements that can irritate the bowels and cause diarrhoea, as well as other digestive problems. It is truly worrisome when your pet is sick with this affliction. It will not be able to eat well yet defecate multiple times a day. Since there are very little calories coming in, it will feel weak and lose weight quickly. Be sure to consult a vet right away to remedy the situation.  

Of course, the best way to deal with this kind of problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Look for safe bones for dogs to chew, whether natural or artificial. Study the labels to see what the ingredients are and check whether these are good for dogs or not. Sometimes even the popular ones have a lot of red flags. Just because other people are giving their pets rawhide bones doesn’t mean that you should, too. If you want safe dog chew bones, then opt for DreamBone instead. You will not be disappointed with this product.

  1. Toxicity

Another thing that pet owners should be careful about is toxicity. There are rawhide dog chews that have been found to contain toxic substances albeit in trace amounts. These dangerous chemicals have also been detected in other types of pet food as well so the problem is actually widespread. This is quite common in products that have been manufactured overseas in countries with nearly non-existent measures when it comes to sanitation. Factories make items for consumption without taking steps to ensure that their goods are clean and free of dangerous substances. These can be fatal when consumed in large amounts.

The DreamBone range is not associated with any of these problems. Here are Webbox, we  take all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that our products are completely safe for consumption. While most view rawhide chews as toys, DreamBone is meant to be a treat that dogs are able to eat. That’s why they are highly digestible. With this orientation, everything is done to make sure that the ingredients are pure and uncontaminated. There should be no toxic chemicals mixed in unlike its competitors. Owners can rest easy knowing that they are in good hands. Dogs can play and chew to their heart’s content.

Rawhide dog chews present a mixed bag of benefits and risks. We believe the risk cannot be ignored and may put dogs’ lives at stake. Owners should not wait until they experience the worst case scenario before they switch. Check out safer alternatives for all of your pet’s needs today from food to toy chews. Try out DreamBone and see if your dog will like it. We’re confident your dog will thank you for the tasty flavour and meaty interior DreamBone provides. Indeed, independent studies show that DreamBone chew are preferred by 9 out of 10 dogs over the leading rawhide chews. The DreamBone range was designed to get dogs’ attentions so be prepared to see wagging tails and excited pets as soon as you open a pack.


DreamBone: The Revolutionary Rawhide-free Chews

Dogs give us their unconditional love so they deserve nothing but the best from us. With all the issues surrounding rawhide, it was high time that someone developed a better product for our canine friends. DreamBone is the culmination of a long research process that aimed to revolutionise the way that chews are created. Breaking away from tradition, the product trades rawhide for a much more benign outer shell. It also has several features that are not found in many other products in this category. If you want a treat that is healthy and fun, then load up on DreamBone to get the following perks:

  1. Vegetable-based Exterior

On the outside, you would not even be able to tell the difference between DreamBone and other bone chews. It looks deceptively like rawhide options with an off-white colour and a similar twisted design at the ends. Dogs will instantly recognise it by sight and know what to do when you give it to them if they have been using chews before. This means that the switch will not be that big of a disruption from the normal routine. The biggest difference lies in the composition of this outer shell. Instead of the usual rawhide, it is using a vegetable base that is much more wholesome.

Owners will no longer have to worry about the possible ill effects of rawhides because it is completely gone from the product. This is 100% rawhide-free thanks to the clever team behind product development. Instead, we have a safer option that is similar in appearance, texture and consistency. Really the only difference is in the safety aspect. When it comes to the chewing experience, you can be confident that the dog will attack the new bones with glee. They will love this product and you will never consider going back to the old ones again.

  1. Low Fat Healthy Treats

One of the consequences of using vegetables in this product is that it is very low in fat. If you have a dog with any weight issues, DreamBone is a worry free way of treating them.

Lots of dog treats are loaded with fats and sugars to make them enticing. Owners always have to hold back on these as they can easily over feed their pets. This can be hard to do when you know that they enjoy the treats so much. With DreamBone, there will be a lot less guilt associated with indulgence.

DreamBone are a great component of a healthy and balanced diets. If you have any doubts about the frequency, consult your vet for tips. Be sure to mention that you have switched to this new product so that the nutritional values can be used in the re-computation. It is important to balance everything from the dog food to the various treats that they consume on a daily basis. Some breeds can take more while others can do with much less. There are individual differences as well due to age and health condition. We’ve even stated the maximum number of twists to give your dog on all our packets.

  1. Great Flavours

The one thing that can make dogs howl with delight in anticipation is the smell of meat. DreamBone has this covered with our flagship chicken flavour. Buried underneath the outer shell are strips of real chicken meat, dried and seasoned to perfection just the way they like it. Dogs will be able to smell this right away leading them to chew on the bones in excitement. During the development stages, we tested our rawhide free chew against the leading bone chews on the market – it was found that dogs preferred DreamBone over the others by a country mile. Try it yourself to confirm these findings.

Our treats come in new and exciting flavours. We’ve added Beef & Sweet Potato stuffed twists and Chicken and Peanut Butter stuffed twists to our range. These are great for those who want to try different flavours. Dogs love the taste and owners can get a kick out of giving their pets this not-so-usual bone chew.  

  1. Dental Hygiene

The act of chewing can be therapeutic for dogs in more ways than one. Aside from decreasing their anxiety, it can also help them with their dental hygiene. Bone chews allow them to clean their teeth through the constant motion. Many have ingredients that further enhance this effect. For example, DreamBone chews can help fight tartar and plaque. If your dog has visible tooth problems, then give these regularly to reduce the build-up. You may also want to take it to the vet where more intensive procedures can be done such as tooth extraction and whole mouth cleaning.  

Dreambone chews are excellent for maintaining great oral health. They reduce bad breath that is so common in canines because of their diet. This makes them more pleasant companions that you wouldn’t mind getting close to. Dogs will also feel much better as they won’t have to deal with problems like swollen gums or toothaches which all we know can be extremely painful. Always include some kind of dental treat in the regular rotation for your pets. Try DreamBone stuffed twists and bones as they contain all of the ingredients that will keep your dog’s mouth healthy and fresh.

  1. Range of Sizes

We have previously mentioned choking as one of the hazards with dog chews. Instead of just playing with the bones, dogs may be tempted to swallow the remnants after a while. This can be a problem with rawhide so owners are advised to collect the chews once they have become limp and small enough for swallowing. Another way to go about it is to give them tiny chews that are also digestible. This way, there will not be any worries since the pieces are going to disintegrate when it reaches the stomach. It will not irritate the bowels as it is designed to be consumed.

Find a product that comes in a range of sizes like Dreambone. This makes it easier to get one that is suitable for your current dog breed. A lot of these bone treats do come in large sizes to mimic the real thing which makes them absolutely impractical for smaller dogs and puppies. Sometimes it is better to give them thinner options that can actually fit in their mouths sideways for comfortable chewing. This allows them to get all of the benefits instead of getting frustrated. If you are not sure what size you need, then try to experiment with several to see how your dogs like each.

  1. The Safer Alternative

There are so many horror stories when it comes to pet food that it is hard to know which to trust. Be sure to look at the label to learn where these were made. Also be conscious about the brand and opt for the well-known ones in the industry. They are popular for a reason. Although they might be a bit more expensive than generic products, you can be certain of their quality and the safety of your pets. This is what you get with DreamBone rawhide dog treat.

By designing a rawhide free dog chew, the Webbox team have created a healthy dog treat without any of the problems associated with rawhide. Made from chicken and fresh meat, the DreamBone range is highly digestible. Low in fat and free from wheat gluten, our bones and stuffed twists promote dental hygeine and a healthy digestive system.