Why do dogs dream about DreamBone?

The same reason we dream about a delicious roast dinner, really. What’s better than fresh meat and wholesome ingredients, all packed into one low-fat, easy to digest treat?

Dogs love DreamBone products because they don’t contain any rawhide or wheat gluten, which means they’re much easier to digest than your average treat.

The chomp-tastic texture helps to clean your dog’s teeth as they chew, boosting their dental hygiene and keeping their taste buds happy. They’re what doggie dreams are made of.

  • wheat gluten free

  • made with fresh MEAT


Beef & Vegetable Bone

Completely irresistible fresh beef covered with a chewy vegetable coating, for a tasty low-fat snack that’s full of flavour.


Chicken Stuffed Twists with Peanut Butter Flavour

Hearty fresh chicken and vegetable twists, made with fresh meat and stuffed with lip-smacking, protein-rich peanut butter.


Chicken & Vegetable Bone

Protein-rich fresh chicken covered with a chewy vegetable coating, for a delicious health-boosting treat that cleans your dog’s teeth too.


Beef Stuffed Twists with Sweet Potato Flavour

Fresh beef and vegetable twists, low in fat and high in a rich meaty flavour, stuffed with the taste of delicious sweet potato.