Best dog treats and chews by Dreambone

Dog treats can be a great help when training your dog and to reward them for good behaviour. We know most dogs enjoy their food, and it can be tempting to give them too much or the wrong kind of treat. DreamBone offers balanced dog treats which have been created to give your dog the best quality and flavour, and also to be nutritionally balanced.

Our growing range of DreamBone dog treats include some fun and innovative products we’re confident your pet will enjoy. With mini, small and medium bones as well as Stuffed Twists in a variety of fun, enjoyable flavours and pack sizes available, we have designed our range to suit all the different shapes and sizes dogs come in. DreamBone dog treats are available to buy from supermarkets such as Asda, Morrisons and Tesco as well as smaller, independent retailers across the UK. We are also available online from Amazon.

All dogs need proper nutrition to enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life. Our healthy treats provide dogs with all the benefits associated with a rawhide chew. However, our ingredients do not contain rawhide, which can be difficult to digest and cause problems. Instead, we use natural ingredients like real chicken, beef and vegetables combined with some great new flavour combinations like peanut butter and sweet potato. Not only are they delicious, they are packed with nutritional benefits too.

A DreamBone dog treat makes a great reward for your dog. You can be safe in the knowledge you are giving them the best quality of treat that is nutritionally balanced as well as delicious for your pet.

We humans all love to enjoy food of the highest quality. We enjoy an ever increasing range of food, and are always seeking new taste experiences and flavour sensations. In the same way, there are ever increasing choices when it comes to pet cuisine! Pet owners are increasingly prioritising health and wellbeing for their pets and looking for products that are free of nasty ingredients. With our DreamBone dog treats, Webbox offers pets the best in quality and range of flavours, whilst also being a nutritious treat for your pet.

DreamBone dog treats have the following benefits:
– 100% Rawhide-free
– Highly digestible
– Low in fat
– Free of wheat-gluten

Preservative-Free Treats

The products worth avoiding are the ones containing sugar, grains, and preservatives. One of the worst things you can feed your dog is anything that contains preservatives – many of them contain chemicals which can be toxic when fed to dogs over a long period of time. Therefore, always check the label on any dog treat product you use to make sure there are no ingredients that could potentially harm your pet.

In particular, these preservatives are ones that you should watch out for:
Ethoxyquin, which is not just a preservative but a pesticide too
Butylated hydroxyanisole, or BHA
Butylated hydroxytoluene, or BHT

Natural preservatives are fine – they are safe to give the dogs. The reason for this is that they are made primarily from either Vitamin C or Vitamin E. They don’t appear on labels as natural preservatives. The names to watch out for on the labels of the treats are “ascorbate” and “tocopherol.”

Wheat gluten free treats

Normally, dogs will process plant products just as well as they do meat. So why did we decide to make our DreamBone dog treats free of wheat-gluten?

Well, as with all things, there is an exception to this rule. The exception is that some dogs are intolerant to gluten. A dog with this kind of intolerance is often diagnosed with a condition called “gluten sensitivity.”

Gluten refers to a mixture of gliadin and glutenin, which are two types of proteins. Gluten is present in wheat, barley, rye, buckwheat, and oats but absent in amaranth, rice, corn, millet or quinoa.

Gluten intolerant dogs often develop these symptoms:

i) small but chronic inflammation of the intestines
ii) persistent diarrhoea
iii) loss of weight
iv) produces poor coat hair
v) failure to thrive
vi) lose body condition

As any gluten sensitive dog will tell you, these symptoms are not pleasant. In fact, many can lead to serious health problems. It is possible that you won’t see the full impact of feeding a dog with treats containing wheat gluten until it’s too late, meaning expensive vet bills.

The safest option is to go for wheat-gluten free dog treats like ours. By opting for products without wheat-gluten you can help avoid digestive problems.
Feeding your dog treats that contain wheat-gluten may affect his ability to absorb all the vital nutrients in his food. For example, your pet may not be able to absorb or digest fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. Without any of these essential components you may end up with a very unwell pet. In the worst cases, digestive conditions might make the dog incapable of absorbing water, which can be life threatening.

There are some particular dog breeds which should never be fed a gluten-rich diet. These include:
– Irish Setters
– Samoyeds
– Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Low fat treats

The best bone dog treats are low in fat. Just like in humans, obesity is a severe condition in dogs. Dog obesity has serious consequences. It’s better to keep your pet trim and in great shape to avoid more visits to the vet. A dog that is in great shape and healthy will also enjoy an improved quality of life.

Giving your pet a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and occasional, nutritionally balanced treats can protect them from future health problems including:

Poor quality of life
Shortened lifespan
Intervertebral disk disease
Subclinical conditions
Heart problems
Breathing problems

Not all fat is bad for your dog. Hydrogenated oils, trans fats and some types of saturated fat are bad for your pet, just like they are bad for owners. However, the right type of fat is a crucial component of a dog’s diet and without it, your dog would become less energetic.

Dogs need a well balanced diet. This means ensuring your pet gets the right balance of nutrients including carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Without a doubt, protein is the most important of the three. Protein provides the amino acids dogs need for building healthy, strong muscles and tissue. Protein also provides dogs with healthy energy to keep their tails wagging.

Fats contain more concentrated energy than either protein or carbohydrates: proteins and carbohydrates contain approximately four calories per gram, whilst fats contain approximately nine calories per gram.

Typically, a dog is more energetic, lively and active after eating a diet with the right amount of fat compared to a diet that is full of carbohydrates and proteins.

Plant-based fats are a becoming increasingly common in dog treats despite being harder to digest than animal-based fats.

Animal-based fats are an excellent choice for your dog and that’s what you get from our DreamBone Dog Treats. Salmon oil and chicken fat are great examples of healthy animal-based fats. By only using fresh chicken and beef to make our yummy dog treats, DreamBone have ensured dogs are getting the right fats. Without any wheat-gluten or plant-based fats, DreamBones are highly digestible meaning dogs can absorb all their nutritious ingredients.

Dogs with specific health conditions require a low-fat diet. Dogs with sensitive or weak stomachs will suffer more when allowed to eat treats containing high fat. Although fats have more calories compared to proteins and carbohydrates, they are harder to digest. Feeding dogs with foods containing high amounts of fat could lead to digestive upset.

A dog that’s already overweight or obese ideally needs a lower fat and calorie diet to get them back into good shape. Being overweight or obese can trigger serious health conditions in dogs.

Many dogs become overweight because it is all too easy to give them the wrong kinds of treats, and leftovers or scraps from the table.

DreamBone offers a good, nutritionally balanced alternative dog treat which can be given to your pet occasionally as part of a well-balanced diet.

Unusual and On-Trend Flavours

In addition to the fresh meat, vegetables and wholesome grains we have used to make DreamBone, we also decided to add a few more unusual flavours into the mix.

Just like us, dogs love a varied diet. They rely on taste to check if the food is good or bad and appreciate good flavours, just as we do. In fact, dogs have approximately 17% of the taste buds that humans have. Did you know dogs are capable of tasting things that are bitter, sour, sweet and salty?

Dogs also, of course, have an outstanding sense of smell, so what their food smells like is equally important. As a caring pet owner you’ll want to find a treat that smells and tastes great. Before your pet becomes familiar with any food, they will eat it cautiously. They do this after taking in the aroma and then using the first one or two bites to take in the taste. After this, your pet will happily eat the food and remember it next time!

Good for the Dog’s Dental Hygiene

A dog’s dental hygiene is also worth considering when choosing food for your pet and your dog’s teeth need as much protection as you can give them. Dogs obviously cannot be expected to protect their teeth, so a good way of looking after them is by feeding them the right foods. Giving your dogs the right type of chew is key to keeping their teeth in tip top condition.

Proper dental care should start early in your dog’s life. It goes without saying that feeding your pet the right food from the earliest age is highly recommended. Given the wrong kinds of foods, dogs can develop smelly breath and have digestive problems. This can be caused by issues with their gut or the inside of their mouth. What you feed a dog may determine whether they are diagnosed with gum diseases or not. Brushing your dog’s teeth is an important task. This can be done when your dog is calm and relaxed. Our advice is to brush your dog’s teeth daily, but three times a week is enough. Your dog’s teeth may be brushed with a human toothbrush but you must not use human toothpaste because it damages their teeth. There are specific dog toothpastes available, some of which come in meaty flavours.

It’s very important to give dogs the right food.

Measures worth taking to preserve dog’s teeth include the following:
a) Visiting the local vet for teeth cleaning services
b) Brushing the dog’s teeth every day
c) Feeding the dog a tooth friendly diet
d) Giving the dog appropriate chew treats

Some treats are ideal for ensuring that the dog’s teeth remain clean at all times. With the right chew treats, your dog should be able to avoid problems such as plaque and tartar. It’s worth noting that any gum disease affecting your dog could also lead to heart diseases. Therefore, do not take any gum or dental issues lightly as it could threaten their life.

Often, plaque is the first sign that your dog is on the verge of developing a gum disease. The situation is similar to what happens with humans. A person with gum or periodontal disease is more likely to develop coronary artery disease, or other related heart ailments, than people with healthy gums. Therefore, take your dog’s dental care seriously.

Gum diseases are not impossible to control. First, you have to know how they emerge. Most often, the disease develops when you fail to remove the pieces of food and bacteria that remain on the pet’s teeth after eating. The remains then gather around the gum before lining up and forming plaque. The plaque then transforms into tartar within a few days if left on the teeth.

Tartar is harmful because it not only irritates the dog’s gums but also causes inflammation. The main sign to look for here is a change of gum colour from pink to red. A dog with red gums needs help fast. Failure to eliminate the tartar causes the gums to pull away and create more spaces. The areas then become points for more bacteria to gather and cause further problems.

Feeding your Dog Digestible Treats

All dog food and everything that goes in it must be digestible. Your dog needs everything that’s in their treat to keep them in tip top condition. Otherwise, the product will not be of any use to the dog no matter the quality of the nutrients it contains. The nutrients are only useful if the dog can digest and absorb them into their system.

We’ve made sure our dog treats are highly digestible. We’re so happy about this we decided to put it on our packs. You can be confident in the fact that the dog is absorbing a high percentage of the treat’s nutrients.

You can make sure your dog is digesting our treats by taking the following measures:

a) Examine your dog’s stool to see if it emits more than is expected for his size. The dog’s faeces should not be too soft or contain a lot of mucus.
b) Inspect the ingredient list, which should be found on the product label. A general rule is high-quality ingredients tend to be easier to digest compared to low-quality ones.
c) Pricing is worth considering too. Any product that contains highly digestible, top quality ingredients will cost more.

Any manufacturer claiming to produce 100% digestible treats is almost certainly exaggerating. We recommend that you avoid any treat or food that claims to be 100% digestible. It’s normal for humans and animals to produce faeces and it’s worth stating that the canine gut needs a few indigestible materials to function properly. It is fine to give your dog low digestible foods, especially if the pet is on a weight loss program.

Treats or foods with lower digestibility are ideal for:
– an obese or overweight dog
– a dog that needs to digest food slowly (e.g. if they are diabetic)
– a dog diagnosed with fibre responsive disease, such as chronic constipation

Therefore, order your next generation dog treat from DreamBone Dog Treat today. Visit Amazon, Ocado, Tesco, Morrisons, or ASDA to purchase the treat.

Introduce your dog to this treat as a way of rewarding and motivating it for satisfactory progress during training. Importantly, feed your dog this treat so that he’s able to enjoy the best things in life and has the best chance of being fit and healthy.